In 2009 Uni Pumps was created to cater solely for the wholesale swimming pool market as all the other manufacturers have retail and even repair and maintenance divisions. As traders are our focus we believed it would be unethical to trade against our own customers no matter how financially attractive it may appear.

We believe that our rapid growth over a short period is thanks to us sticking to this principal whilst always stocking superior quality products and first class service. This challenge is easily done with our dedicated team.

As continued support rains in, we, in conjunction with strategic partners, are now able to apply our market leader strategies proudly launching leading products at lowest possible pricing. We are market leaders in above ground affordable pools, affordable efficient solar driven pool systems, no backwash filtration solutions and working constantly on new ground breaking products for our industry. We continue to strive to make more profitable products for our customers but still lower the costs for the end users.

We are proud to manufacture almost all of our products ourselves and wholesale top quality products of other quality manufacturers.